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About Julie Shanebrook

About Westfield, NJ

Julie Shanebrook and the ChillRx medical team are committed to enhancing client lifestyles and health with non-invasive, drug-free treatments. Our two registered nurses, Steven Fonseca and Armani Scott, are certified GainsWave practitioners, offering clients a painless, quick and highly effective option for sexual performance enhancement and erectile dysfunction.

ChillRx is dedicated to enhancing our clients’ health, fitness, and appearance so they can live exceptional lives!! Sexual wellness and satisfaction are extremely important to our physical and emotional well-being: they affect every aspect of our lives, from relationships to self-image, mental & physical health, work performance and more. Our GainsWave clients experience stronger and more spontaneous erections, improved sexual performance, increased sensation and better orgasms. Our clients also find that their sexual desire increases. These benefits have profound effects on the men we treat: they become more confident and happy, have more mental & physical energy and enjoy more intimate, fulfilling relationships.

We treat men of all ages—from men in their 20s and 30s who are looking to enhance their sexual performance or to reduce premature ejaculation. We treat older men who cannot or do not want to take ED medication or who are looking for enhanced sexual performance and satisfaction. Our GainsWave treatments can be effective for men with Diabetes, post-operative erectile dysfunction, poor blood circulation due to smoking and many other health conditions.

Our registered nurses are dedicated to providing GainsWave treatments to men of all ages in a private, comfortable setting. ChillRx offers a wide range of services including cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and compression therapy; we are also open every weekend and every weeknight for your convenience. Your privacy and positive outcomes are our number one priority!!