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About Michael Bedecs DO

About Portland, ME

Michael Bedecs, D.O. provides consultation and treatment within the medical specialty of regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

As the owner and Medical Director of the Age Management Center, Dr. Bedecs works with men and women seeking anti-aging therapy and natural hormone replacement therapy.

As a triple board-certified physician, Dr. Bedecs brings a wealth of experience from treating acute and chronic illness.  Using his knowledge in both traditional as well as the latest advances in innovative, cutting-edge medicine, Dr. Bedecs integrates anti-aging concepts of illness prevention and wellness maintenance into personalized programs designed to achieve optimal health and performance. He has seen the superior results that can be achieved using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for clients struggling with Adult Hormone Deficiency Syndrome or AHDS.

Dr. Bedecs is the only physician in New England certified to perform the Priapus Procedure.

The Age Management Center is the result of Dr. Bedecs’ interest and training at the world-famous Cenegenics Institute and from his studies and Board Certification by The American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. The Age Management Center’s concept is based on the well-known “concierge medicine” style practice providing personalized VIP treatment plus accelerated physician access and availability.

Dr. Bedecs has maintained several successful medical practices over the years that have contributed to his interest in anti-aging therapies including being the founder of, and now senior consultant to, the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of  New England.

Dr. Bedecs invites you to contact him now to see how the Age Management Center can improve your life!