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About Mark Koenig MD

About San Diego, CA

Dr. Koenig is board certified in Emergency Medicine but has had an interest in Integrative Health Care to promote gerneral fitness for many years. He orginally trained in massage therapy and was a personal trainer and fitness class instructor for many years prior to and throughout medical school. After completing his residency and working in the ER for 13 years Dr. Koenig completed post-graduate training in Functional and Metabolic Medicine as well Aesthetic Medicine through the Amercian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is happily practicing both Functional Medicine and Aesthetics, and he is now offering Sexual Rejuvenation for men and women using multi-modality treatment programs. Sexual health is an important aspect of anti-aging medicine and Dr. Koenig provides a safe venue for discussion and treatment of dysfunction to promote better perfomance and increase patient satisfaction.