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About Dr. Damian Brezinski MD

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About Dr. Damian Brezinski, MD

Dr. Damian Brezinski is a cardiologist in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. He received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.


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About Staff: 

Dedicated to excellence across the board, we hand selected our providers to join our team.  They are in fact, the best on the East Coast.  Amy Nealey has 15 plus years in the Medical Aesthetic Industry, a background in Medical Biology, have performed research,  trained and worked directly with some of the best Physicians in the World.  I am dedicated to excellence and strive to ensure we exceed our patients expectations on all accounts  

With 15 plus years experience,our providers are Fully Licensed Medical Professionals.  Amanda Baker is our Lead Provider and is a Physician Assistant.  Our Master Injector is Andrea Payne, also licensed Physician Assistant.  Megan Monroe, a Family Nurse Practitioner is highly trained across all verticals of Aesthetic Medicine.  

Q: What is the process for treatment (from initial contact, treatment, follow-up)?

We take a highly customized approach at Revival.  Each individual is uniquely and beautifully themselves.  We offer a complimentary consultation that only takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  At that time we discuss the goals in which the patient wishes to achieve, review medical history, access areas for treat-ability.. discuss the full scope of the treatment to ensure the patients expectations are directly in line with the results the treatment is designed to deliver.  We want to ensure that the patient is an Ideal Candidate exhibiting no contraindications for the treatment he/she wishes to have.    


Q: What services does Revival provide?

    REVIVAL  is a leader in the aesthetic medical industry. providing only FDA Approved treatments.  We offer several procedures that are exclusive to our practice (within this area).  Several of which are highly selective and require an extensive interview process to even be considered as a provider of services.  We are proud to announce that we are the  only practice within our area offers Permanent Laser Hair Removal, Cryoskin which targets unwanted fat with immediate and permanent results, GAINSwave for Erectile Dysfunction, the P-Shot, the O-Shot, PRP Hair Restoration, Profound and  VAMPIRE Facials. In addition, we offer Botox, Dysport, Restalyne, Juvederm, Bellafill (your 5 year filler), Vascular Lesion Treatments,  Laser treatment to remove Spider Veins, Sunspots, Age spots,  Roscae and Acne Scarring.