About Ramesh Kumar MD

About Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dr. Kumar is a Medical Doctor who is Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology with additional training in Medical Acupuncture at Harvard Medical School.

His passion in wellness and prevention of disease and disability is rooted in his dissatisfaction with the band aid approach to Medical Care. He has sought out the best of what 21st century technologies and procedures have to offer that is evidence based and is either a substitute or complementary to Traditional medicine.

To this end, he has set up the Zen Wellness Center based in Palm Beach Gardens in Palm Beach County as an elite, VIP level Concierge wellness care based on utilizing natural resources such as Acoustic waves, Sound, Laser, Pressure and Temperature to allow healing and achieving peak physical, emotional and cognitive performance.

Sexual Health is often ignored by both physicians and patients due to several reasons. Dr. Kumar, believes that improving sexual health and performance using the Gainswave technology and with the minimal use of medications would allow patients promote their overall health and wellbeing.

He is happy to be part of the Gainswave family and is looking forward to helping patients in the Palm Beach area and beyond.